Engagement rings

Engagement Rings

Discover the customizable engagement rings from MIMOKE , Ethical and Sustainable High Jewelry. Designed with created diamonds and sustainable materials such as recycled gold. Ideal for people committed to life and the planet.

Discover all the models and personalize your ring : from the color of the gold to the size of the main diamond, choose the model that best suits your needs and configures the perfect ring .

  • MIMOKE Bruma Solitaire Engagement Ring

    14 models
    from €490

  • MIMOKE Accompanied Engagement Ring Amoris

    7 models
    from €640

  • MIMOKE Halo Engagement Ring

    5 models
    from €810

  • MIMOKE Tresillo Drago Engagement Ring

    3 models
    from €775

  • MIMOKE Vintage Tapir Engagement Ring

    5 models
    from €800