High Jewelry from 2019

La Alta Joyería a partir de 2019

Today is June 5, 2019, World Environment Day. Although for many it has gone unnoticed, it is a very important day. And an excuse to talk about the momentum we are experiencing as a society.

The ecological transition or sustainable transition is increasingly necessary, inevitable I would say.

My name is Sergio Murcia and I take advantage of World Environment Day to publish the first post on the MIMOKE blog.


MIMOKE is an ethical and sustainable fine jewelry company. We are a more logical luxury for these times. We were born as part of that transition towards a way of living luxury with responsibility and coherence.


In total I have dedicated 31 years to the jewelry sector working in each and every step of the value chain, going from small independent jewelry stores to large international chains.

From my experience, I have long appreciated how the world of jewelry has been placed on a lectern, elevated from the rest, in a position of privilege and power. We therefore have an image of opacity and elitism that we cannot afford any longer, ask the millennials if not.

How many of them have ever walked into a jewelry store and made a purchase?


In 2015 I left my job and returned to Spain. Since then I continue to push to create an alternative for consumers and force a change of mentality for the sector.

This has been a sector that is not very fond of offering the appropriate explanations to its clients and has not developed new means of communication to show our exciting sector without complexes.

There are great, excellent professionals in it, there is no doubt, but in general I can appreciate an entire generation of jewelers worn out by the last few years of economic weakness and with a certain maturity unable to adequately embrace the forced digitalization, to give just one example.

These are new times and with them come new opportunities. The market demands openness, closeness and digitalization from us and we are obliged to offer it.

Fine jewelry needs clear commitments that present alternatives to consumers to adapt our role within a modern society. Something that accompanies the social and cultural change that our planet is experiencing.

MIMOKE is an alternative to traditional fine jewelry. We revolutionize the jewelry sector by participating in the ecological transition, promoting an indispensable attitude for the future of our planet.

At MIMOKE Ethical Jewelry we market Ethical Jewelry using laboratory diamonds or synthetic diamonds and refined gold in all our nationally manufactured creations. To bet on the local economy, minimize our CO2 impact and ensure fair and responsible trade.

You will be surprised to know that luxury and fine jewelry have more value when they are sustainable. If this interests you, you should definitely learn more about us.

Sergio Murcia,


MIMOKE Ethical Jewelry.

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